Telephone Advice:

Is Adviceline local?
Our Adviceline is part of National Adviceline, we support each other to deliver telephone advice.

Trafford Adviceline number

0300 330 9073

Monday – Friday 10am -4pm


Calls to our national phone service and consumer helpline cost the same as calling 01 and 02 numbers. They will be included as part of a mobile allowance or a landline call package. You will be charged for calls not included in your landline package or if you go over your mobile allowance. Calls will also be charged if you do not have a call package with your provider. 

Landline calls typically cost up to 9p per minute and calls from mobiles between 8p and 40p per minute. Please note that tariffs vary and are subject to change, so for specific call charge details please check with your own provider. Advisers are happy to call you back on request.

Advisers are happy to call you back on request if the call charges are a problem.

Our Adviceline is sometimes very busy. We want to ensure that we constantly improve the service. If you have difficulties getting through please make a note of the date, time and the number you called from and then please let us know.
Before you call
To make the most of your telephone call it's helpful if you can provide as much information as possible about your problem when you make the call. This supports us in giving you the most relevant information and advice for your problem. We need to hear about any paperwork you have and be made aware of any urgent deadlines. Please take a look at the information you need to have to hand for when you call us.
If you do not speak English, or are looking on here on behalf of somebody else who doesn't speak English, please have somebody with you when you call who can translate. Unfortunately, we currently have very limited access to translation services. If English is not your first language, 
self-help information in various languages is also available via Adviceguide.

When you call
When you call our adviceline you will be greeted by a volunteer telephone adviser who will welcome your call to Citizens Advice, and ask you if you have contacted Citizens Advice before. The details we will ask for include your name and postcode and a short description of what you would like assistance with.
For funding reasons we also ask questions about your ethnic origin and if you are disabled. We also may ask questions that are pertinent to your enquiry. As an equalities organisation this information is really important to us because it helps us monitor who we are helping. It helps us target our services at people who aren't getting good advice. The information also helps us to show our funders that we help all of Trafford's communities, in different areas and from different backgrounds.
We always make sure that this information is anonymous and we will never allow it to identify any individuals - your confidentiality is protected at all times.
Initial 'Assessment' interview
Once our telephone volunteers have taken your details, you will then get the opportunity to have a short 'Assessment Interview' with that adviser - we sometimes call these volunteers 'Assessors'. The idea behind this short interview is that it helps us to understand the nature of your problem and agree on what the next step should be. The next step could include:
  • Providing you with an information leaflet explaining how to deal with your issue. 
  • Suggesting an in-depth interview and making an appointment with one of our volunteer 'Generalist Advisers' or if your issue is complex with one of our 'Specialist Caseworkers'.
  • Referring you to another organisation that specialises in the problem you are facing.
General interview
After your initial 'Assessment Interview' we may arrange for you to get a call from one of our volunteer 'Generalist Advisers'. This is when you will be able to discuss your problem in more detail. Your adviser will explain your options and the possible outcomes of the different options. This will then inform you in making a decision and confirming whether further guidance and support is needed. This could be support to:
  • Make telephone calls or draft letters on your behalf. 
  • Negotiate with credit or service providers.
  • Make an appointment with one of our 'Caseworkers'.
  • Make an appointment with another organisation that has experience in dealing with your specific issue.
Unfortunately we only have a limited number of volunteer advisers on duty each day and may be unable to provide a full interview to everybody. If this happens we will do our very best to make an appointment which will be either face-to-face or via the telephone. (Please note you MUST be a Trafford resident to use/access our face to face service).
Specialist interview
Appointments with our 'Caseworkers' in welfare benefits are debt are available to our clients with complex problems. Access to our specialists depends on your circumstances. In the first instance you should call our telephone adviceline to talk to an adviser.
Can we make an appointment for you?
Appointments can only be made after you have called our telephone adviceline and had a short initial interview with us to confirm how best we can help you.
Do we offer home visits?
Citizens Advice Trafford is not currently funded to offer a home visiting service and we suggest contacting our telephone adviceline where you will be able to discuss your problem with an adviser.