HelpinHand App

As part of our work with the Trafford Information Network we have developed the 'HelpinHand' app with our friends at Reason Digital (supported by Traffford Council Innovation Funding). The app helps you find the nearest source of information and advice in a particular topic wherever you are in the borough. The app also lists national sources of help further down the lists it produces. Below we've taken some pictures of the screens of the app to show you how it works.
1                                              2                                             3  

The app icon can be seen above (it's the one with the orange hands). Select the app, it launches and it takes you directly to a list of topics, this can be seen in the second image. In our example we have chosen 'Benefits and tax credits' and the app produces the list on the third image. This list will change across the borough, with the sources of help nearest to you coming up at the top and national sources of help at the bottom of the list.
4                                              5                                              6
When you select an organisation, it will bring up a brief description of what that organisation does and its contact details. Here we've picked 'Trafford Centre for Independent Living' and their details can be seen above in image four. When you click on the website address the app takes you straight to that site, as shown in image five. When you click on the e-mail address it automatically opens your e-mail and is ready for you to type in your message, as in image six.
7                                              8                                              9  
When you select the telephone number you get three options, as in image seven. If you click 'Dial' it will begin to dial the number on the app, as in image 8 and if you click 'Save' it will save the number to your mobile, as in image nine.
The app can be downloaded from the App Store and Android Marketplace. There is also a standalone Helpinhand website. 
We're constantly adding organisations to the app. If you would like your organisation to be added, please contact