Citizens Advice Trafford
There has been a Citizens Advice in Trafford for over 70 years - with our first office in Urmston. Citizens Advice Trafford was formed in 2004 as a result of the merger of the individual bureau in the borough, bringing together the skills and experience of staff and volunteers from all over Trafford.
Since 2004 we have been working hard as a borough-wide service to meet the needs of Trafford residents and develop projects to meet their needs. We are also very focussed on supporting our volunteers and using technology to supply people with information and advice.
We have been through a number of changes since the merger of the district and met challenges head on. This has meant that CAT has survived the difficult times and successfully explored opportunities to continue to deliver services across the borough.
We currently have just over 50 dedicated and skilled volunteers who support and deliver the majority of our work in Trafford. We have a number of different roles for volunteers and we are really lucky to have so many people supporting us.
In addition to the volunteer staff we employ 9 paid members of staff. Our staff members are employed as Advice Service Managers, Administrators, Specialist Caseworkers and Project Officers - all of them are involved in service delivery.
Our service is governed by local volunteers who devote their time and skills to be a trustee of Citizens Advice Trafford. This means that local people are involved in the way we work, the projects we run and how we meet the needs of people in Trafford.
The economic climate means that things are getting tough for our clients and for the services they access. As funding and legislative changes take effect, we anticipate a rise in demand for our services while our funding is cut.
Over the last year CAT's volunteers, staff and Trustees have been working together to develop a plan to meet the challenges of the future. Our new business strategy has five key themes:
  • Focusing our work on helping those in greatest need
  • Improving our accessibility
  • Improving our campaigning and social policy work
  • Improving the skills of our volunteers, staff and trustees
  • Putting CAT on as sound a financial footing as possible
These will be our key areas of work and everything that we do will contribute to one or more of these themes.
Annual Reports
For further information on Trafford Citizens Advice please refer to our annual reports